Gala Bingo to shed hundreds more jobs?

Is Gala Bingo struggling to make ends meet?  If reports on the web today are anything to go by then we would all say yes.  There is a report today on the Mirror website that says that they have seen an internal memo that states that Gala Bingo are slashing management jobs in the Gala Bingo halls, the Mirror have attributed this to the fact that Gala Bingo are struggling to survive.  However this report though alarming, may just as well be down to normal business processes which most big organisations adopt when faced with a global economic crisis.  Shedding jobs to cut costs in difficult economic times is all part and parcel of running a successful business and surely should not necessarily be seen as anything other than that.Lean times sadly mean cut backsOf course the news is slightly more worrying when looked at alongside the recently announced news of closures of 5 high street Gala Bingo halls, industry alarmists might see this as an indication of the Rank Group and Gala Bingo club struggling to survive a tough economic climate.  Losing jobs is never a good thing, but if looked at in the wider context, if it means a case of survival of the company as a whole and the majority of Gala Bingo hall staff keep their jobs or the whole company suffers and ultimately goes down the proverbial pan then most right minded people would agree that sometimes tough love is necessary. Bingo Players would much rather have their beloved bingo hall still firmly on the high street and then in better times Gala Bingo will be able to once more expand the operation.Management positions under scrutiny at Gala BingoIf the report in the Mirror is true then Gala Bingo are expecting to shed in excess of two hundred jobs in a complete restructuring programme to the management roles at the Gala Bingo halls.  Staff such as Managers, team leaders, supervisors and deputy managers will be informed in a month’s time if they will be made redundant once the Gala Coral Head Office has had the opportunity to analyse the positions properly.Neil Golden, Chairman of the Gala Coral Group recently gave an in depth interview to industry portal Bingo Hideout and dismissed media reports that the company were struggling to survive.  The no holds barred interview saw Mr Goulden stating that the company had no further plans to close bingo halls down in the foreseeable future.

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  1. Norah McConnachie
    September 27, 2009

    The no smoking ban has not helped your business, but the fact that I can’t even use my electronic cigarette is just too much!! It is legal to use these. In fact some clubs are selling them. Come on Gala help the smokers enjoy a night out at the bingo